We believe that design can
win hearts, change minds
develop differentiation, build consistency
alter attitudes, form relationships
engage audiences, inspire employees
remove complexity, achieve clarity
innovate, uphold traditions
create desire, connect people

At the heart of great design is clear thinking and creativity with purpose.

Taking an informed, collaborative approach to our practice, we believe design has the power to shift perception, inspire loyalty and make a positive impact on your brand.

October works with clients who are ready to make change. Our job is to help you communicate that change.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to refresh your brand, we listen to your story, get to know your people, customers and company. Then we work together to create the most relevant, engaging and effective design, communications and brand.

Everything matters; from product and people to service and environment, everything communicates.

At the heart of any successful business is a clear idea of your purpose and promise. This will be at the heart of our design too, helping to create consistency and recognition for your brand, inspiring your employees, leaders, clients and customers.

We help you to identify and tell your story through hard-working, well crafted design and communications. From identity systems and websites through to signage, we aim to attract, inform and connect with audiences inside and outside your organisation.

We transform opinion and ambition, anecdotes and issues into compelling, vital design with a distinctive voice and memorable visuals.