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October Associates

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About us

Nic Griffiths and Rob Kester established October Associates in 2010 to create beautiful, hard-working design across two studios in the UK & US. There’s no room for egos in our studios. We’re here to collaborate and innovate on behalf of your design project.

Throughout our journey we have developed a reputation for being honest and reliable, pragmatic and passionate in our approach to working with new and long-term clients.

Between our founding partners, we have over 40 years of professional design experience. We put all our time and effort, knowledge and expertise into research, exploration and crafting the most relevant, recognisable and memorable identity for your company.

Our process.
Your experience.

At the heart of great design is clear thinking and creativity with purpose. 

Every job we do is different because every client and every project is different. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to refresh, we listen to your story, get to know your people, customers and company. Then we work together to create the most relevant, engaging and effective logo and visual identity system.

Taking an informed, collaborative approach to our practice, our task is to produce innovative and creative results that make a positive impact on the image of your company. 

While we don’t ever impose a ‘house style’ on your design, we approach our work with a set of clear design principles and phases that guide you through the experience.

1. Investigate
Your organisation, audience, personality, heritage, goals, ambitions, insights and vision.

At the start of a project we always get to know our clients, their business and the new project in depth.

A collaborative stage of the process, we explore all thoughts, opinions and influences from key stakeholders in the project. It is the time where we start to develop our understanding of the challenges and opportunities that will lie ahead and to start thinking about the whole design brief.

2. Identify
Clarify and express who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you are different.

This is where findings from the Investigate stage are analysed, defined, and ideas for solutions are suggested. 

We will present ideas that identify the strategic way forward, focus on the key communication ideas & define what the new visual look should be and how the elements of the identity work together.

3. Ideas
How you talk, what you say and how you look.

We present ideas and solutions that will best suit the message you want to send to your audience.

This is where a range of marketing or brand materials needed are designed and applied to the chosen visual identity.

4. Implement
Make what needs to be made and send it to the right people.

Very much the most practical part of the process, this is where the materials you need are designed and produced, ready to be delivered to your deadline.

Design has the power to shift perception, inspire loyalty and make a positive impact on your business.

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